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     KEWILL,which is customer-centric company. Kewill committed to help customers realize the full value of our products and services ,the range of customers comes from all around the world each day. Customer requirements always changing,This change prompted KEWILL to seek better customer service methods.
Customer First is KEWILL’s purpose !

     KEWILL Customer Support Services ensures the installation and commissioning (start-up) of flow, level and temperature instruments goes as smoothly as possible.Based on the instrument category, these services include as follows :
◆ Site Evaluation Before Installation: identifies and avoids potential problems that may affect KEWILL’s instrument performance in your application.
◆ Installation Assistance: dispatch an experienced FCI representative to help you properly install instruments into your process, provides supervision as required, and performs various procedures to ensure your KEWILL instrument complies with performance specifications.
◆ Instrument Calibration Validation: dispatch an KEWILL sales or service representative to precise adjust your KEWILL instrument to deliver the optimum start-up performance.
◆ ISO 9000 Support: provides you with calibration and certification document to meet ISO 9000 certification requirements.
◆ Service Training: dispatch KEWILL factory-trained and certified instructors to provide you necessary knowledge and skills to maintain and maximize the performance of your FCI instruments.
◆ Application Evaluation: help you evaluate your application requirements,make effort to identify possible problems and ensure a successful installation and operation.
◆ Recommended Spare Parts : to minimize downtime,spare parts identification is based on product-performance history
◆ Extended Product Warranty: help to keep your instruments in peak operating condition.


Factory Authorized Service Centers

     KEWILL Company is devoted to high quality, local after-sale support and service throughout the world. Factory authorized service centers are staffed with technicians who have been comprehensively trained on KEWILL instrumentation and are stocked with spare parts to support quick turnaround on repairs. They are fully prepared to support you and any service needs. Services available include start-up assistance and commissioning, depot/bench servicing, field and site servicing, and re-calibration.

Online Technical Services

     Welcome to KEWILL’s “e-flow” technical support – where you will find the solutions for your flow, level or temperature applications challenge.Our e-flow team is waiting to evaluate your application and recommend the KEWILL product that provides the optimum performance solution.Please prepare your question and include key information about your application, i.e. flow range, pressure range, temperature range, pipe size and other requirements specific to your application.To best answer your technical question, an e-flow team member may need to contact you directly. Please assist us by filling your name, company and phone number in your e-flow support request.