Kewiller (China) Automation Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KewillAutomationGmbH (Germany Kewiller Automation Co., Ltd.). It has a strict quality inspection management system and a perfect after-sales service system, flow sensing technology, and quality is in an advanced position. The company invented the heat transfer technology and successfully applied it to the field of flow detection, which has now become the industry standard. Kewill's analytical instruments, environmental instruments, flow monitoring, temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring, and liquid level monitoring products have attracted much attention in the field of industrial production process control. The company located in Rodingsmarkt20, Hamburg, Deutschland, Germany is a large-scale company. Manufacturer of ultra-small bore flow monitors and switches.

The range of Kewill analysis and process control products covers:

pH meter, dissolved oxygen, turbidity meter, suspended solids analyzer, sludge concentration meter, conductivity, redox potential ORP, mud-water interface meter, temperature and humidity transmitter, flow switch, electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, Gear flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, thermal energy meter (energy meter), float flowmeter, flow totalizer; pressure switch, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter, pressure controller, pressure gauge, differential pressure transmitter, temperature Switch, PT100 temperature sensor, temperature transmitter, temperature controller, temperature sensor; float level switch, marine level switch, digital display float level gauge, input hydrostatic level transmitter. Flange type hydrostatic liquid level transmitter, ultrasonic liquid (material) level gauge, magnetic flip column level gauge; tuning fork level switch, radio frequency admittance level switch, resistance rotary level switch, etc.

Kewill, a timeless brand, has introduced its advanced concepts, technologies, products and high-standard after-sales service system into China, enabling Chinese users to use Kewill products at the same time. Have the opportunity to improve the grade and market competitiveness of their own products and projects. In order to facilitate users to understand and purchase Kewill's products, she is supervising reasonable distribution agencies and perfect sales processes in China.

Agent: We actively develop agents in various regions, so that our users can get fast and convenient services.

Delivery time: We have set up a logistics department in Shanghai to be responsible for stocking and product delivery. We have stock of conventional products in the warehouse and send them to customers by express mail or provide door-to-door service.

Free trial: In order for customers to further understand their needs, free trial is very important for customers in many cases, then we will provide corresponding samples for you to try according to your needs.

Product Warranty: We are the first to introduce a "24-month" warranty in China.

The product range consists of five basic lines of business, which encompass a wide variety of components, systems and services, which cannot be covered by this catalogue alone. Therefore. We publish this manual specially. It will provide a brief overview of our company's product groups, technologies, services, their core data and typical application scenarios. In addition to quick access to information through the manual, you can also directly visit our company's website, which introduces the entire product range of KEWILL in detail. At the same time, with this product overview program, we would like to invite you to actively share the knowledge and experience of our company's engineers and product managers. You can contact us at any time and tell us your requirements. We are competitive in customer-specific solutions.