Select gas flow meters for green energy and pollution reduction applications

Kewill has been providing gas flow meters for traditional and alternative energy process control, pollution and environmental management applications for decades.

The Kewill New Green Energy Application Guide lists nine common applications for Kewill flowmeters, flow switches and level switches. Users use Kewill products to optimize system performance, measure and report compliance, and provide accurate data for carbon trading and greenhouse gas emission reduction incentives and credits.

When choosing a flow meter, there are many demanding conditions to consider, such as: dirty/wet gases, mixture components, hazardous environments requiring explosion protection, wide flow range, and other special application conditions. Evaluating your particular application conditions can avoid the additional maintenance, operator safety risks, and high additional engineering costs associated with the selection of a poorly designed system. This guide is designed to help you better understand the special issues in these applications and the solutions that Kewill can provide for these special issues, so that you can meet the high performance and long service life you need.


Landfill gas measurement and recovery

Biogas: Fermentation and recovery of organic matter

Biogas from wastewater treatment plant

Agricultural biogas recovery systems for livestock and dairy farms

Ethanol production and purification

Coal mine methane recovery

Biomass gasification

Flare gas measurement, monitoring and leak detection

Flue gas monitoring

Kewill gas flow measurement solutions at a glance