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Germany KEWILL's patented thermal diffusion technology for industrial process and plant applications of flow measurement solution. With KEWILL thirty years of professional experience and the world's largest thermal dispersion instruments, KEWILL will be for your application to provide secure and reliable solutions, and saves you time and money.

Germany Kewell (KEWILL) was founded in 1975, the global direct employees more than 800 people. Kewell (KEWILL) The company has a strict quality management system and improve the service system, in 1993 passed the ISO9001 international certification. Flow sensing technology, the quality is a world leader. In the 1999 invention of the temperature difference between the heat transfer technology and successfully applied to the flow detection field, now the technology has become the industry standard. Kewell (KEWILL) traffic monitoring products in the fluid control system much attention, in Germany Flughafenstr. 1-4 2325 Hamburg's KEWILL, the world's largest small-bore flow monitors and switches manufacturers, product range covers flow switches, flow monitors, flowmeters.

Take part in international seminar Kewill actively take part in various trade exhibitions and seminars of Gemany and global .
Provide global service and support Current service:equipment start-up and adjustment、supply depot、experiment table maintainance 、construction plant and scene service ect.
Germany Hamburg
Kewill inventted heat transferring technology and sucessfully applied it to flow test field.This technology has became industrial standard.
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