Principle & Structure

Compact diffused silicon pressure transmitter, the best choice for OEM customers, visual unit.


Ceramic technology, no medium liquid for measuring element; high accuracy, stable performance, small temperature drift; overload resistance, strong impact resistance, good linearity; high long-term stability; direct on-site display; 0~1bar to 0~1000bar.

technical parameter

Measuring range:see range code
Overload range:≤10bar, 4×;≤600bar, 2×
Accuracy:0.2%, 0.5%
stability:Better than 0.01% of span per year
Temperature effects:<±0.02%FS/K
Response time:<1ms(10...90%FS)
powered by:10...36V DC

load:≤(UB-10)V/ 0.02A (4~20mA) 
energy consumption:Signal current (2-wire), 8mA (3-wire)
Electrical Protection:Overload/Reverse Phase Protection
Ambient temperature:0...65℃
Medium temperature:25...80℃
Storage temperature:0...40℃
Protection class:IP65
shell material:Stainless Steel 304
Wetted material:Stainless Steel 316L
seal:Fluorine rubber
Electrical connections:Herssman joint (DIN43650) 

Selection table

KAP10D-On-site display pressure transmitter


Negative pressure-1 to 0bar

Gauge pressure (for the range, see the range code table. This item is for general application selection) (*)

Absolute pressure (see range code table for range)
         Accuracy class

0.50% (level 0.5)
       Process connection (male thread)



G1/4 *)

G1/2 *)

M20*1.5 (*)
      Output signal type

4~20mA output (*)

0…10mA output

1…5VDC output
       0…5VDC output

Electrical connections
        Hessman joint (DIN43650)
The complete data of this selection table, please contact the sales staff or email to for complete samples.
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