principle, structure

The vortex flowmeter is measured by the principle of Karman vortex street. A column is inserted vertically into the measuring tube. When the fluid passes through the column, under certain conditions, two columns of regular vortices will be alternately generated on both sides of the column, as follows As shown in the figure, these two rows of vortices are called "Kaman vortex streets". When d/D=0.281, the released vortices are the most stable. It can be simply expressed by the following formula:

F=St ×V/d

F: is the release frequency of the Karman vortex street

St: is the coefficient (called the Strohha number)

V: is the flow rate

d: column width

D: the inner diameter of the instrument

main feature

● Integrated liquid, gas or vapor mass flow meter

● Fully digital vortex street using DSP spectrum analysis technology and adaptive filtering technology

● Measurement vibration sensor independent of signal measurement sensor, excellent anti-vibration performance

● Excellent low flow rate performance; ultra-wide turndown ratio 17:1

● Probe design with built-in temperature

● Online replaceable testing pressure measurement design

● With 10-point nonlinear correction function

● Optional HART communication protocol or RS485 communication (MODBUS protocol)

● Modular circuit design and rich self-diagnosis function, easy maintenance

● Fast response speed, suitable for process control and automatic adjustment

● High temperature sensor can measure steam up to 400℃

● Electrical isolation between output and power supply, with excellent anti-interference ability

● The power supply has AC and DC, which is convenient for users to choose


fluid condition industry
gas                            Clean Metallurgy, papermaking, water treatment, chemical industry, light industry, textile, food and beverage, catering, agricultural irrigation, hydropower station, oil field, power and mining industries
liquid Clean
steam Saturated Vapor
superheated steam

Performance overview

Flow meter, the base element is stainless steel or alloy. Applicable medium: liquid, gas, steam. The maximum working pressure is 40Mpa. The medium temperature is -50…360℃. Power supply: 12V~36VDC. Protection level IP68. Applicable pipe diameter 15-600mm. Unique DSP spectrum analysis technology.

technical parameter

size:Wafer type: DN15 to DN150
Flange type: DN15 to DN300
Insertion type: DN200 to DN2800
Fluid temperature:Conventional type: -30 to 280℃
High temperature type: -30 to 400℃
Sensor Material:Flange and housing:
Vortex Sounder:
Detector Material:
Connector material:
Temperature Sensor:PT100 is built in the detection probe, two-wire system
Pressure Sensor:Online repair and replacement available
Process connection:DIN PN10 to PN160
ANSI class 150、300、600、900、1500
HE 10k /HE 20K
Pressure loss:Calculate the maximum pressure loss according to the formula on the right
Inlet pressure:When measuring liquid flow, the minimum requirement for the inlet pressure of the flowmeter is calculated according to the calculation formula
Reynolds number:10000<Re<700000
Ambient temperature range:-20 to 140O F (-29 to 60 ℃ )
shell material:Low copper die-cast aluminum Nema 4X, IEC60529 IP66 (standard), customizable stainless steel converter housing
Power supply:DC 16V to 36V, 1A fast blow fuse; AC 86V to 265V 50HZ/60HZ, 1A fast blow fuse
Current output:4 to 20 mA output, active output, isolated from the power supply, the relationship between the load resistance and the power supply refer to the relationship diagram below
Pulse output:0~5000HZ, active output, NPN mode, built-in pull-up resistor, duty cycle 50%
Switch output:High and low alarm, two sets of normally open contacts, driving capacity of 24VDC, 30mA, relays, alarm lights and valves with driving impedance greater than 800 ohms
show:LED liquid crystal, 4-line display, with backlight; the display digits of instantaneous flow and total volume are 9 digits
Instantaneous flow unit:m³/h、m³/m、m³/s、Gal、USAG/m、USAG/s、kg/h、kg/m、kg/s、t/h、t/m
Total unit:m³、Gal、L、kg、t
Temperature unit:°C
Pressure unit:Mpa
Density Units:kg/m³
Frequency unit:HZ
With 10-segment nonlinear processing function
Protocol:RS485 communication (modbus protocol)
Hart protocol optional
RS232 communication optional
Calibration function:4 to20mA calibration
temperature calibration
Pressure calibration
Protection class:IP65&IP68
Electrical interface:1/2NPT
power:max 3 watts

Selection table

FV10-Vortex flowmeter

installation type

Flange type (≤DN300 optional)

Flange type with temperature sensor

Flanged type with temperature and pressure sensor

Wafer type (≤DN150 optional)

Wafer type with temperature sensor

Wafer type with temperature and pressure sensor

Plug-in (≥DN200 optional)

structure type

Display unit integrated installation

Display unit split type installation

Applicable media

Measured fluid: liquid

Measured fluid: gas

Measured fluid: steam

Sensor temperature level

Conventional type (medium temperature≤280°C)

High temperature type (medium temperature≤400°C)

Pressure Level

EN 1092-1 (DIN) PN10
EN 1092-1 (DIN) PN16

EN 1092-1 (DIN) PN25
EN 1092-1 (DIN) PN40

EN 1092-1 (DIN) PN63
EN DN100 PN16 (Plug-in)

EN DN100 PN25 (Plug-in)
EN DN100 PN40 (Plug-in)



ASME 4inch CLASS150(Plug-in)
ASME 4inch CLASS300(Plug-in)


JIS 10K 4inch (plug-in)
JIS 20K 4inch (plug-in)

Product application specific standards

Power supply

DC: DC12V to 36V

output method

No output, on-site display purpose

4 ~ 20mA+ pulse signal

4~20mA+pulse signal+high and low flow alarm

Applicable pipe diameter


Body material

Stainless steel 1.4301(304)

Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)

Detection element material

Stainless steel 1.4435 (316L)

The complete data of this selection table, please contact the sales staff or email to for complete samples.
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