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     Whether it is a standard product solutions or engineering-customized products and systems, KEWILL is able to meet or exceed customer’s application requirements with experience and innovative technology . Not only that, KEWILL also has flow and level calibration devices with world-class level, using NIST traceable equipment and instrument for gas and liquid calibration.Our quality system meet MIL-STD-45662A, ANSI / NCSL Z-540 and ISO EN17025 requirements.

R&D ,Engineering

     Owns more than 30 years successful experiences of serving for the global process industry, KEWILL is called as “mass flow expert” by customers .
     We are constantly lead market trends with breakthrough technology , and proud. KEWILL has a large number of design and development and laboratory testing equipments, and continue to develop products that have been fully tested and checked under limit technology application conditions,always be the market leader. At inspection process,we detailed tested power change, EMI / RFI interference, and other similar characteristics that directly affect the product life . Even though the product has a strict test process, KEWILL remained provide the most comprehensive product assurance measures at instrumentation industry.
      A wide range of applications and research development capabilities can help company develop unique and optimal thermal diffusion technology. At present, our sensors including self-heating and non-continuous heating-type RTD,based on constant power, constant current, constant voltage and pulse technology to work. Customers rely on KEWILL to select the most suitable measurement principle and recommend approved performance to meet or exceed the instrument with most strict technology requirements.
     For many instrument suppliers, customized product design has been extremely rare. KEWILL has a strong strength and innovation spirit,and try our best to provide solutions to the complex application and novel challenges. For the customers that not only necessary for one meter, or OEM manufacturers that wish to receive customized design, KEWILL has specialized department to provide customization applications, packaging, installation support and systems design services.

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