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On-line installation, mechanical type flow switch, used for liquid or gas medium.Sturdy plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing optional.A medium to promote the plunger spring to the set position by magnetic field in the reed switch output passive on-off signal.



Minimal pressure loss,Good repeatability,dirt-resistance,Mechanical/electronic part completely isolated,Suitable for small flow economy.3 times in the original FP50 piston stroke so that more accurate setting accuracy.With the switch setting scale, the user need not in the scene setting.LED display switch state.


The gas-liquid dual-purpose type, industrial automation / mechanical equipment / air compressor industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.



Type Max.Flow Variable Skala G L H B X Gewicht
L/min(Wasser) L/min(Wasser) mm mm mm mm mm kg
FP53-008…A(k)008… 60 0.6(0.1)..8(7) G1/4 93 36 30 12 0.22(0.53)
FP53-010…A(k)008… 60 0.6(0.1)..8(7) G3/8 93 36 30 15 0.20(0.51)
FP53-015…A(k)008… 60 0.6(0.1)..8(7) G1/2 93 36 30 15 0.18(0.48)
FP53-020…A(k)008… 60 0.6(0.1)..8(7) G3/4 105 36 35 15 0.23(0.65)
FP53-025…A(k)008… 60 0.6(0.1)..8(7) G1 105 36 40 15 0.32(0.82)
FP53-008…A(k)015… 60 1(0.5)…15(13) G1/4 93 36 30 12 0.22(0.53)
FP53-010…A(k)015… 60 1(0.5)…15(13) G3/8 93 36 30 15 0.20(0.51)
FP53-015…A(k)015… 60 1(0.5)…15(13) G1/2 93 36 30 15 0.18(0.48)
FP53-020…A(k)015… 60 1(0.5)…15(13) G3/4 105 36 35 15 0.23(0.65)
FP53-025…A(k)015… 60 1(0.5)…15(13) G1 105 36 40 15 0.32(0.82)
FP53-015…A(k)028… 60 2(0.8)…28(25) G1/2 93 36 30 15 0.18(0.48)
FP53-020…A(k)028… 80 2(0.8)…28(25) G3/4 105 36 35 15 0.23(0.65)
FP53-025…A(k)028… 80 2(0.8)…28(25) G1 105 36 40 15 0.32(0.82)
FP53-020…A(k)070… 120 27(21)…70(66) G3/4 105 36 35 15 0.23(0.65)
FP53-025…A(k)070… 120 27(21)…70(66) G1 105 36 40 15 0.32(0.82)
FP53-032…A(k)… 150 0.6(0.1)..70(66) G1 1/4 150 65 50 15 0.52(1.02)

Note: 1)The above Parameters for reduction of brackets, brackets for action points.If the lower limit alarm (monitoring flow too small) reference reset point parameters.The upper limit alarm (monitoring over flow) reference action parameters.

2) The above parameters is going to switch vertically installed in the horizontal pipeline,at 20℃ water as medium.

3)Above table Pressure class at a pressure of 316L stainless steel.


●Setting range: See bellow table ● FP54…FP Materials: Shell: POM engineering plastics
● Accuracy: ±2.5% of full scale Piston: POM engineering plastics
● Hysteresis: Depending on switch value, minimum 0.5 l/min. Spring: 316L stainless steel SUS1.4310
●Switch setting scale: The medium is water, temperature 20 ℃, horizontal installation state calibration of the installation position, medium and temp. changes will have on the switch values slightly influence. Magnet: barium
●LED display: AC /DC distribution of LED display switch state. ●FP54…FA Materials: Shell: Anodic aluminum oxide
● Connection type: Directly attached the wire Piston: POM engineering plastics
●Output: Passive ,Dry reed switch, capacity is 24VDC / 250VAC, 1.5A Spring: 316Lstainless steel SUS1.4310
●Withstand voltage: 15bar(POM plastic) 50bar(aluminum) 50bar(brass) Magnet: barium
100bar(stainless steel) Custom 200bar optional
● Avg pressure loss: 0.25bar( at 25L/min) ● FP54…FK Materials: Shell 316L stainless steel
●Return difference: Depending on switch value, minimum 0.5 Piston: POM engineering plastics
●Medium temp: Max. 160℃ Spring: 316L stainless steel SUS1.4310
●Protection class: IP65 Magnet: barium
●FP54…FB Materials: Shell: Bronze alloy UNI EN 12165
Piston: POM engineering plastics
Spring: 316L stainless steel SUS1.4310
Magnet: barium



Electrical data



FP54- FP53 Sereis Piston Flow Switch
DN applicable 008 Thread interface G1/4 Nominal diameter DN8
010 Thread interface G3/8 Nominal diameter DN10
015 Thread interface G1/2 Nominal diameterDN15
020 Thread interface G3/4 Nominal diameterDN20
025 GewindeSchnittstelle G1 Nenndurchmesser diameterDN20
032 Thread interface G11/4 Nominal diameterDN32
Connection type F Internal thread (female connector)
M External threads (male connector)
Q Hose quick connector (Should be noted the Hose diameter when order)
Distribution detail D DC distribution 24V±20%DC
W AC power distribution 220V±15%AC
Z AC power distribution 380V±15%AC
G AC/DC power distribution (No LED warning lamp)
Material Description P POM reinforced plastic liquid body
A Anodic alumina liquid body
B Bronze alloy structure liquid body
K1 304 Stainless steel 1.4301 liquid body
K2 316L Stainless steel 1.4435 liquid body
Alarm set interval min. Normal flow ≤5L (specific customer option)
008 Setting range:0.6…8L/min (Line alarm0.1…7L/min)
015 Setting range:1…15L/min
028 Setting range:2…28L/min
070 Setting range:27…70L/min
Electrical connection type B Hirschman plug &B-12Connecting plug
VARIO /HT High temp.160 °C (material for stainless steel optional)
/2 Output two switch alarm point (special option)

FP54 Series

Flow switch,Suitable medium: water, ethylene glycol, oil based liquid, air. Max. working pressure of 200 bar. Medium temperature -10…160 C.Source: DC24V AC220V AC380V.Protection level IP65. Suitable diameter DN8 ~ DN32, optional material: POM plastic, anodized aluminum, bronze, stainless steel 316L,flow alarm setting value from 0.1L to 70L/min.