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Gas flow switch will appear series problems in using process because of environmental and technical matters,so i summarize the common problems:
1.Flow sensor installed in the place of undesirable velocity distribution section;2.Orifice plate entrance surface reverse installation;3.Installed in harmful environment or unapproachable position;4.Instrument in wrong movement direction;5.Differential pressure instrument impulse line slope is inaccurate;6.Instrument or electrical signal transmission line in strong electromagnetic field;7.Installed the instrument that easy affected by vibration interference on vibration pipeline;8.Lack necessary protection accessories.Some instruments descriptions have not detailed explain the requirements of installation position、movement direction、maintainance space、installation direction and its influence.However,numerous published datas show that flow instrument measurement machine large affected by installation situtation.
Should consider following installation factors: instrument installation direction、movement direction、up and down stream pipeline situtation、valve position、protection accessories、pulsating flow influence、vibration、electrical disturbance and maintainance space.In application examples,pipe layout direction will affect instrument selection.Some instruments may exist measurement performance difference when horizontal and vertical installation,For example,if fluid vertical downward move,it will take extra force to instrument rotation elements,then obvious affect performance,linear or repeatability become badly.Most instrument installation direction ruled by manufacturer,should obey it.If installation direction disaccord with ruled direction,then you should consult with manufacturer for further confirmation.Representative direction installation also decided by fluid property,such as,horizontal pipeline may subside solid particle,so the instrument that measure seriflux had better be installed in vertical pipeline.Some instruments not limited by installation direction.Some instruments(such as,differential preaaure type、turbine type)need long upstream straight pipe to ensure instrument entrance front end activities must be full play,and other instruments(such as volume type、float type) not have this requirement or low requirement.Measurement methods of different theories have large difference in the installation requirement.Reasons of the bad flow instrument using and big error,there is a big part is caused by bad installation.