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Brief introduction of liquid level sensor:
     Level sensor is a pressure sensor of measuring liquid level.Static pressure input type transmitter(level guage) ins based on the theory of tested liquid static pressure proportionable with height,adapt advanced foreign isolated type diffused silicon sensitive element or ceramic capacitor pressure sensitive sensor,turns static pressure into electrical signal,after tenperature compensation and liner revsion,change to standard electrical signal(generally is 4~20mA/1~5VDC).
Devided into two kinds:
     1.contaction type,include signal flange static pressure/double flange differential pressure level transmitter,float level transmitter,magnetic level transmitter,input type level transmitter,power-operated float liquid leveltransmitter,power-operated float bowl liquid level transmitter, capacitance liquid level transmitter,magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter,standby liquid level transmitter.
     2.non-contaction type,divide into ultrasonic wave liquid level transmitter,radar liquid level transmitter.
Working theory of liquid level sensor:
Static measurement theory : when liquid level sensor input to the certain depth of tested liquid,sensor liquid level pressure is:Ρ=ρ.g.H+Po.
     P:sensor liquid level pressure
     g:local cceleration of gravity
     ρ:tested liquid density
     Po:liquid surface barometric pressure
     H: transmitter input liquid depth
     At the same time,by gas guide stainless steel to lead liquid pressure into sensor positive pressure cavity,connect liquid level barometric pressure Po with sensor negative pressure cavity,to offset sensor back Po,make sensor tested pressure:ρ.g.H,obviously,through testing P,we can know liquid level depth.
Liquid level sensor function characteristics:
     ◆ Reverse protection、flow-limiting protect circuit,when installing,if positive and negative electrode reverse connection,it will not damage transmitter,if in unusual situtation,the transmitter will automatic limit flow within 35MA.
     ◆ Good stableability,long-term stability of full scale and zero point can arrive 0.1%FS per year.In the range of 0~70℃ compensation temperature,temperature drift less than 0.1%FS, less than 0.3%FS in range of all allowable working temperature.
     ◆ Solid-state construction,without moving parts,high reliablity,long life.
     ◆ Easy installation,simple structure,economy and durability.