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Working theory of liquid level sensor


Brief introduction of liquid level sensor:
     Level sensor is a pressure sensor of measuring liquid level.Static pressure input type transmitter(level guage) ins based on the theory of tested liquid static pressure proportionable with height,adapt advanced foreign isolated type diffused silicon sensitive element or ceramic capacitor pressure sensitive sensor,turns static pressure into electrical signal,after tenperature compensation and liner revsion,change to standard electrical signal(generally is 4~20mA/1~5VDC). (more…)

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Ultrasonic wave level sensor characteristics


Ultrasonic wave level sensor characteristics:in petrochemical engineering and architecture field,common level sensor include rotation coding sensor、piezoelectric sensor、non-contact sensor,its distinguishability from millimetre to centimetre,measurement range from several centimetres to several meters .Except for magnetic float contaction point sensor,other sensors suitable for the wide application places.Generally,pressure type and ultrasonic sensor equip with transmitter (more…)

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Common problems of gas flow switch


Gas flow switch will appear series problems in using process because of environmental and technical matters,so i summarize the common problems:
1.Flow sensor installed in the place of undesirable velocity distribution section;2.Orifice plate entrance surface reverse installation;3.Installed in harmful environment or unapproachable position;4.Instrument in wrong movement direction;5.Differential pressure instrument impulse line slope is inaccurate;6.Instrument or electrical signal transmission line in strong electromagnetic field (more…)

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